What is ‘The Pony Club’ & who can join?


The Pony Club is a charitable organisation that was founded in England in 1929. It exceeds 100,000 members around the world, making it the largest association of young riders in the world. The Pony Club has been the starting point for many equestrian team members and medal winners over the years. The Pony Club has various accredited branches and centres throughout the UK, The Quantock School of Riding being one of the centres. The Pony Club is open for anyone to join, so long as you have enthusiasm and a love for horses! You do not even need to have your own pony to be part of The Pony Club.

The objectives of the Pony Club are:-

To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding.
To give instructions in riding and horsemanship and to educate members to look after and to take proper care of their animal.
To promote the highest ideals in sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty creating strength of character and self-discipline.


Pony Club Membership is open to anyone under the age of 25 who wishes to learn more about riding and horse care. The benefit of joining The Pony Club is that membership includes personal liability insurance (third party). Further details on how to become a member The Pony Club can be found on their website (www.pcuk.org) or at the Riding School.


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