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Catherine Chester BHS II, PC 'A'.

Catherine Chester is a certified Riding Instructor and comes from a family who has worked closely with horses from point to pointing, team chasing, show jumping and

Catherine’s formal training began at an early age in Kent, with International 1968 US Coach Major Joe Lynch and Penny Williams, mother of Guy Williams, who is currently ranked No.10 in the World of Show Jumping.

At the age of 12 years, Catherine moved to Somerset with her family, horses and ponies. A keen Pony Club member, Catherine gained the prestigious Pony Club ‘A ‘Test as well as qualifying as a BHS Intermediate Instructor whilst being placed for two years, with a National and International Event Rider.

Catherine was picked from over 368 candidates and spent the next two years as a pupil of the World Class Olympic Coach, Miss Sheila Wilcox. Miss Wilcox was at the time considered by many as the best woman rider of the day. Catherine says, ‘I was lifted to another level under the strict daily instruction from Miss Wilcox.’ Catherine produced young horses and horses up to Grand Prix Dressage Level. During this time, Catherine was introduced and rode alongside Dr Becholsteimer (father of Olympic World Champion, Laura Becholsteimer). Catherine was offered the opportunity to live and ride professionally in Germany for the Becholsteimer’s.

Catherine concludes, "The aim of a good rider is to try to improve daily and never to imagine there is nothing left to learn. Schooling horses is a marvelous test of character for it requires great tact and patience, coupled with the ability to discriminate between an awkward, un-cooperative horse and one who simply does not understand.”

Olivia - Pony B tester and riding coach

3 years studying and passing out at the worlds leading equestrian university, Hartbury Equestrian University. QSR Instructor. Supportive and encouraging from grass roots upwards.


Alice Watson


Alice competes internationally jumping 150.

Alice is kind and understanding with so much to share.

Maddie Pierson

AliceInstructor Pony Club coach,organiser. Maddie has been competing and coaching within the Pony Club for many years.

Katie Mackenzie


Katie has much experience with both horses, ponies and children. Katie is very much admired and loved by all those she coaches.


Peter Doran

Peter (Catherine’s Father), who is a popular ‘Coach’ at the equestrian centre, is a veteran in the horse and show-jumping world.

Not only has Peter managed to pass on his enthusiasm and knowledge to four of his seven children who have all become high achievers in the equine world. One daughter successfully competing over many years at Wembley (HOYS) and Olympia, the youngest daughter competing successfully under BSJA rules and obviously Catherine, as well as the grandchildren who are also hugely successful in their own right, riding for Lucy Wiegersma (international 4 star event rider) and other members of the family owning show jumping champions shortlisted for the Olympic team!

Back to Peter who worked closely alongside Major Joe Lynch (documented as being one of the world’s greatest trainers back in 1961) has himself successfully competed, and still is competing today, under BSJA Rules and has a string of BSJA Grade A’s. During his lifetime with horses, Peter has accomplished his trainer’s license and competed in various point-to-point competitions and team chasing as a member of the Minehead Harriers team (who were one of the best unchallenged team-chasing teams in England in the 1980’s)!

Kerien - our weekend team supporter and helper



Michelle Werrett - Side Saddle InstructorMichelle Werrett

Michelle Werrett is an experienced side saddle instructor, qualified and registered with the Side Saddle Association. She is regularly seen out on Exmoor riding side saddle, having ridden that way exclusively for the past twenty years.

Michelle holds the record for the number of years she has held the Side Saddle Association’s ‘Hunting Cup’, and for the number of horses she has won it with, as well as taking ‘Supreme Champion’ in the performance points awards.

Michelle is particularly enthusiastic about the opportunities side saddle can offer to people (either male or female) who, for physical reasons, find difficulty in riding astride.

Introductory lessons are offered for both adults and children, on real confidence building schoolmasters. As well as riding, you will also learn about fitting a side saddle and turnout. Michelle will soon have you poised and elegant and keen to learn more! Michelle can be contacted on 01398 332029 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Emma Edwards - CCI International 4* Event Rider

A member of the world class potential squad 2006 / 2007 also member of the under 21 team at the European Championship 2000
A wonderful kind manner offering only the best and thoughtful way forwards for both horse and rider.
Clinics available regularly. Tuesday weekday Emma is here to teach.

Charley Doran

Event competition Rider with years of experience working and riding amongst the professional circuit. Love instructing young students, offering support and reassurance.


Evie and Cath

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